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Keep your roadways and driveways smooth

Cracked and damaged roadways and driveways are more than an eyesore.

They can actually be dangerous to vehicles and visitors.


Whether you need to have a surface re-paved or you need a completely

new installation, we are your paving experts. We proudly offer our services

to residents in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Installation, patchwork, and repairs

If it involves pavement, we can do it! From holes and cracks that need filled

to leveling and brand new installations, we can solve all of your residential paving

and commercial paving problems.

Paving services include

 •  Asphalt seal coatings

 •  Asphalt patching  and repair

 •  Leveling and grading

 •  Striping

FREE estimates

Don't put off paving your driveway or repairing your walkway because you fear

how much expert services will cost! Allow us to provide you with a FREE estimate

so you can see how affordable our installations and repairs can be.

 •  Parking lots

 •  Driveways

 •  Roads

 •  Re-surfacing

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